DRAWING AND WITHDRAWING MONEY FROM THE ACCOUNT. - I’d like to take out some money, please. - Финансы

- Good morning.

- Good morning, sir.

- I’d like to take out some money, please.

-Certainly, sir. Do you know the number of your account?

- No. I’m not sure of it.

- What’s your name?

- Klaus Bright.

- Is it a checking account?

- Well, I’ve got a checking account and a savings account.

- And which account would you like to draw on?

- I’d like two hundred dollars from my checking account.

- I’ll just check the number, sir. It’s 53.875, sir. Could you sign here, please… and here. Thank you. One moment, please, sir. How would you like it, sir?

- Two bills of a hundred, please. Thank you. Good morning.

The words to be introduced and checked by the teacher:

checking account - специальный счет, с которого снимаются деньги по чекам клиента; счет, позволяющий в любой момент вносить и снимать деньги (до востребования)

savings account - депозит, депозитный счет; сберегательный счет

Syn: deposit account

balance account- балансовый счет, счет платежного баланса

private account- счет частного лица или фирмы

correspondent account- корреспондентский счет (мелкого банка в крупном)

draw on – снимать со счёта (деньги)

bill - банкнота, купюра

bank note – банкнота

note –банкнота, банковый билет

cash - наличные деньги, наличный расчет

Dialogue 7


Part 1

-Good afternoon.

-Good afternoon, sir.

-I’ve just arrived from Boston and I’ve got some foreign currency. I’d like to change it into roubles. Is that possible?

-We can take the bank notes but I’m afraid we can’t take the small change.

-Then could you change these notes, please?

-Certainly, sir. I’ll just check the exchange rates.

The words to be introduced and checked by the teacher:

currency – валюта

bank note – банкнот

note - банкнота, банковый билет

small change - мелкие деньги, мелочь; разменная монета

exchange rate - валютный курс

extra - добавочный, дополнительный; лишний

cash- наличные деньги, наличный расчет

coin- монета, мелкая монета, разменная монета

interest - проценты (на капитал)

Dialogue 8


Part 2

-Good morning.

-Good morning, sir.

-I’ve just come back from a trip to Russia and I’d like to change on these roubles, please.

-We can change but I’m afraid we can pay a very low rate of exchange on Russian currency, sir.

-Oh, that doesn’t matter. I can’t use them anyway.

-All right, sir. Just one moment, please.

The words to be introduced and checked by the teacher:

rate of exchange - валютный курс

Oh, that doesn’t not matter at all. – О, это не имеет никакого значения!

Dialogue 9


- How are you getting on with your new computer?

- Not too bad but sometimes I just can't get the hang of it.

- Do you mean it drives you out of senses?

- Well, not that often but there are things that completely mystify me.

- What sort of things do you have in mind?

- Well, take the times when everything freezes.

- Yes, I know what you mean that's when you'd like to smash it to pieces.

- Never mind, just think of all the benefits you get from having it.

- Personally I'm looking forward to my holidays when I'll be free of it for two weeks!

The words to be introduced and checked by the teacher:

to get on – делать успехи, преуспевать

to get the hang of — разг. научиться, натаскаться (делать что-л.); раскусить, понять (секрет кого-л., какой-л. профессии, занятия, устройства чего-л. и т. п.)

to drive out of senses - сводить с ума

to mystify - озадачивать; вводить в заблуждение; смущать, ставить в тупик, сбивать с толку

to freeze – зависать, виснуть (о компьютере)

to smash to pieces - разбить вдребезги

benefits– выгоды, полезный результат

Dialogue 10

Speaking on the phone

Part 1

- Mr. Jackson, hello. This is Dan Brown here. I'm very sorry, but we've got a problem on Wednesday. Could we change the date of our meeting?

- Yes, of course. Would you like to postpone our meeting or bring it forward ?

I’d rather not cancel it.

- I think we should definitely meet. Would it be possible to meet atthe weekend?

- No, this weekend isn't possible, I’m afraid. But I have time on Thursday at noon and on Friday evening.

- Well, for me it would be convenient to meet on Friday. I'll arrive in London tomorrow. I`ll confirm my arrival by a phone call.

- Deal, Mr. May. So see you this Friday evening. Have a nice flight.

- See you soon, Mr. Brown. Good bye.

The words to be introduced and checked by the teacher:

to postpone - откладывать; отсрочивать, оттягивать

to bring forward – перенести на более ранний срок

to cancel - аннулировать, отменять

definitely – определенно, точно, явно

confirm – подтверждать

arrival- прибытие

Deal, Mr. May. – Договорились, г-н Мэй.

Dialogue 11

Speaking on the phone

Part 2

- Hello, Dave! How`s life? What about going to the cinema tomorrow?

- Hm, tomorrow? Let me think. At what time?
- At 12 o`clock sharp.

- I'm sorry, I can't have it at 12 o`clock. I've got something else planned.
- Well, is 3 p.m. OK?
- Yeah, that’s fine with me.
- Right, I look forward to seeing you.
- Yes, see you soon.

- Mr. Taylor, this is Brian May. I'm phoning to ask you if it would be possible for us to meet?
- Yes, sure. I would be pleased to meet you.
Why don’t we fix an appointment right now?
- Would Tuesday evening suit you?
- Tuesday evening? Just a moment, I need to check my diary.
No, I'm sorry. I have another meeting at this time. And shall we say Tuesday afternoon?
- Tuesday afternoon? Yes, that` s fine. I'm looking forward to meeting you.

The words to be introduced and checked by the teacher:

appointment– свидание, условленная встреча

to suit - подходить, соответствовать, удовлетворять требованиям, устраивать

diary – дневник, ежедневник

to look forward - ожидать с нетерпением

Dialogue 12


- Welcome back everybody! In this Session we're going to take a look at some of the vocabulary we used in Session 2. To start with, can you remember what Session 2 was all about?

- Yes, that's right. It was all about the job I do every day. I expect you recall that I work for a financial company as a financial advisor. In other words I help people with investing their money. My clients contact our office via e-mail or phone and then we make an appointment.

- You arrange an appointment with another person because you want to meet or see them. The two things that are important for an appointment are the time and the place. You say for example: Let's meet next Monday at 10 o'clock.

- Another word that is very similar in meaning to appointment is the word ‘date’.

- A date is usually a private meeting with another person.

- So, when you say: I've got a date with my boss, it means you are going to see your boss privately.

- Possibly you also know the expression ‘blind date’, which is a rendezvous with a person you have never seen before and you are meeting the one for the first time.

The words to be introduced and checked by the teacher:

appointment – свидание, условленная встреча

to make an appointment - назначить встречу, договориться о встрече

session - заседание, собрание, совещание

to recall - вспоминать; воскрешать (в памяти)

advisor = adviser - советник, консультант

via– лат. посредством чего-л., с помощью чего-л.

date – разг. свидание

blind date – амер.; разг. свидание с незнакомым человеком

rendezvous - свидание, встреча