Below are four groups of words each describing a class of geographical feature. Circle one word in each group which does not fit with the others and explain why it does not fit. - Программирование

· confluence tributary oasis estuary

· glacier landslide subsidence avalanche

· valley gorge ravine cliff

· ridge pass summit peak

You are going to hear someone on the radio describing their journey along the Karakoram Highway in the north-west Pakistan. As you listen follow the route on the map below and at each place the speaker stops off at, note down what is happening and/or what can be seen.

1. ______________________________________________________________.

2. ______________________________________________________________.

3. ______________________________________________________________.

4. ______________________________________________________________.

5. ______________________________________________________________.

6. ______________________________________________________________.

7. ______________________________________________________________.

You and a friend have heard this programme (and may already know something about the Himalayas) and are thinking of taking a holiday in this area. Discuss the advantages and possible drawbacks of such a holiday. Below are some points to consider.

· accommodation

· possible risks/dangers to health

· getting there

· the language

· food/shops

· what to take with you



You are going to listen to a travel agent explaining accommodation possibilities to a man and woman. Study the list of tourist accommodation possibilities and discuss the meanings of the word-combinations below.

self­catering accommodation

accommodation with meals provided serviced accommodation

country hotel

farm accommodation

guest house


country cottage

restored farmhouse




campsite (a caravan / tent)


camping barn

Listen to the conversation and answer the following questions.

1. What tour would the woman prefer?

2. Are they interested in self­catering accommodation?

3. What does the travel agent think of a self­catering cottage?

4. Would a dormitory be suitable?

5. Is hiring a caravan a bad idea?

Listen to the conversation again and complete the information about accommodation possibilities in Wales while listening.

Wales can offer a variety of accommodation possibilities: ________ accommodation or _______ accommodation away from the crowds.

There’re ____________, which are usually ________ and in extensive grounds.

A cheaper option in a ______ location would be __________ accommodation.

This is similar to a _____ __________ or __________, but on a working farm.

If you want to go self­catering, there are lots of _______, _____, even ______,

available on a _______ basis.

They’re probably not suitable if you want to__________ __________ Wales.

Many hostels nowadays have __________ __________ as well as _________.

There are plenty of __________ in Wales.

Most campsites allow both __________ and __________ ___________.

In the mountains there are ___________, which are like _________ but simpler.

In the really ____areas there are camping barns. These provide a place to sleep.

You need to take everything with you – sleeping bag, food, even a __________.

You can get you some ________________ to find out where all these places are. And you can get a lot of information from the Welsh ________ Board’s website.

What accommodation possibilities would you be interested in? Why? Discuss you ideas in class.



Try to guess the meanings of the word combinations and then discuss your ideas in class.

the growth of cities

an urban planner

human history

combined cities

Tokyo residents

transport problems

developing countries

suburban railway lines

circular line

the city centre

subway lines

rail travel

urban expressways

train travel

travel by car

city centre parking

parking spaces

train lines

mega cities

rail system

to develop a transport infrastructure

a means of transport

bring pollution

construction of new roads

destroy the fabric of a city

divide communities

lead to the building of new types of housing

integrated transport systems

hand pulled rickshaws

to built overhead rail systems

underground subway lines

While you listen, decide whether the following sentences are TRUE or FALSE.

1. Sue Shaw is an expert on how to protect the environment.

2. Masako Ito lives in Tokyo.

3. Today the Tokyo Bay Area has a population of 18 million.

4. New roads have solved Tokyo’s transport problems.

5. There are high charges for cars to use the city’s expressways.

6. Travel by car is faster than travel by rail.

7. Tokyo’s transport infrastructure is a useful model for developing countries.

8. Cities in developing countries should not rely on cars to solve their transport problems.